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To unrig the law

Support PPP as we build a legal system that values people over profits, and where corporate power does not shape the agenda.  With your help, we will be strong enough to fight to build a legal system that values people over profits.  


  • Successfully worked with organizers and advocates around the country to stop McConnell’s plan to enact blanket corporate immunity, which would have given businesses (and universities!) the green light to put people’s lives at risk.


We are committed to never taking money from corporate firms or big corporations. That means we count on the support of individuals like you to sustain us.

By committing to the PPPledge and becoming a monthly donor, you will help build PPP for the long haul. PPPledge donations will help us build our capacity, so we can give our all to unrigging the courts, holding Trump’s lawyers accountable, and fighting for an end to coercive contracts while also continuing to organize on law school campuses nationwide and building a generation of legal professionals who will devote their careers to unrigging the law.

And with all the uncertainty that the last year has brought, monthly donations provide a stable source of funding that helps us plan for the years to come. Thank you.  

Can you become a sustaining donor today to help us fight corporate legal power from our law school campuses to the White House?

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$120 per year pays for all the supplies (including PPE) for a protest! We know that there’s no better way to hold power accountable than by showing up on their doorstep.

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$190 per year helps us fairly pay for our graphic designers, video editors, and all who work with us because treating workers fairly starts at home. (And for our BigLaw friends, this happens to be 0.1% of a first-year associate salary.)

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$360 per year (or less than a dollar a day) pays for all the costs, including travel and lodging, for one organizer to attend our three day convening (post-COVID). If you donate at this level, we’ll send you a PPP tumbler or coffee cup!

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$600 per year fully funds our Zoom subscription, and keeps the wheels of our national organization turning. If you donate at this level, we’ll send you a PPP t-shirt!

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