We know that clerkships are likely the last thing on most students’ minds right now—and truly, there should be no need to focus on them for the time being. But for those of you applying to clerkships now, PPP has a guide for you!

Unfortunately, the clerkship hiring process is opaque. And given concerns about how the federal judiciary has handled—and continues to handle—harassment and discrimination, many students have questions about how best to research judges, handle interviews, and respond to offers in a safe manner. Written by students at Harvard Law School, this guide links to resources available to HLS students, but we hope our tips will be helpful to everyone else as well.

This guide lays out our tips for navigating this imperfect system as it stands today. Whether you’re applying to clerkships now or in the future, this guide will help you through the process. And, if you, like us, are angry that students have to navigate this problem alone because the judiciary does not take allegations of harassment or discrimination seriously, please join us!

Download our guide.

Clerkships Guide