Founded in 2018, the People’s Parity Project is a young and growing national organization of law students and new attorneys. We are fighting for a civil legal system that works for working people, especially workers of color, women, and low-wage, precarious, immigrant, disabled, and LGBTQ+ workers.

As we grow, we are excited about opportunities to build our organization by bringing new attorneys into our work. For current law students and recent law school alumni seeking post-graduate public interest funding from law schools, foundations, and law firms, we would be honored to be considered as a partner organization for your fellowship or project.

Our organization is grounded in the belief that members of the legal profession have a responsibility to demystify—and dismantle—the coercive legal tools that have stacked the system against the people. By organizing together to unrig the legal system, our goal is to build a justice system that values people over profits.

If you’re interested in seeking external funding for a fellowship or other project to work with the People’s Parity Project, please reach out to us at We strongly encourage people with the following identities to apply: Black and Indigenous people; people of color; LGBTQIA+, women and non-binary people; people living with disabilities; and others with lived experience being part of marginalized communities.

We look forward to hearing from you!