In 2016, when Justice Scalia died, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that President Obama couldn’t appoint a new Justice in an election year — and refused to let President Obama’s nominee even come up for a vote. This year, we’re going to hold McConnell to his rule: No Supreme Court nominations until the next term.

We’re going to throw down to #SaveSCOTUS and we need you to join us. If Donald Trump appoints another far-right Justice to the Supreme Court for life, we’re in for 40 years of a far-right Supreme Court that guts racial justice, access to abortion, immigrants’ rights, and real action on climate change. 40 years of a Supreme Court that expands mass incarceration, shreds unions, and undermines healthcare access. We can’t afford to lose this fight.

About the People’s Parity Project: We’re a nationwide campaign of lawyers and law students fighting to unrig a legal system that puts corporate profits and white supremacy ahead of people’s lives. Join us to fight back.