Alexander Sammon writes for The American Prospect on President Biden’s judicial nominations:

Bob Menendez, the state’s senior senator, recommended Christine O’Hearn, a lawyer who he claimed had “spent much of her career advocating for women in the workplace and defending the rights of workers against employee discrimination, harassment and a hostile work environment.” In reality, Williams has fought against workplace sexual harassment cases, defended police departments, and represented management during union drives. […]

“These are the types of people we would have expected to see put forward by the Trump administration,” said Molly Coleman, executive director of the People’s Parity Project, a progressive judicial group. “Progressives have made clear what we expect of President Biden: judicial nominees who reflect the very best of the legal profession, not the worst. The fact that a full 10 percent of Biden’s first 20 nominees have worked as management-side attorneys is unacceptable.” […]

“Attorneys like Christine O’Hearn, who have spent their careers fighting against workers, unions, and economic justice, have no place on the federal bench. If Sens. Booker and Menendez don’t see that, then it’s time for the Biden administration to stop accepting their recommendations,” Coleman said.

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