Staci Zaretsky of Above the Law quoted People’s Parity Project’s Policy & Program Director Tristin Brown:

“We applaud Justice Stephen Breyer for making the decision to retire and allow President Biden the opportunity to carry out his promise of nominating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. While his retirement won’t be the ultimate solution to repairing a Court committed to dismantling democracy, it is an historic moment that will allow us to move one step closer to a Court that represents the diversity and experiences of people throughout the country.

“However, it remains critical that Congress expand the Court to move us to a place where the legal system is not beholden to far-right and pro-corporate interests and priorities. We implore President Biden, as we have since the start of his presidency, to prioritize professional diversity as he selects Justice Breyer’s successor. It is imperative that we normalize having public interest attorneys on the bench; that experience is woefully missing on the highest court of the land. We look forward to President Biden moving to correct that.”

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