Trip Brennan writes for Blue Tent:

“…the right-wing takeover of the courts is also a story of liberal failure. Part of that failure was an inability to recognize key differences between the right and left when it comes to building power; groups that attempted to ape the Federalist Society’s top-down, corporate money-backed organization have never gained serious traction. Countering that effort on the left, according to People’s Parity Project Executive Director Molly Coleman, means fighting money power with people power, and people power means fighting for what regular people actually need.

‘For two generations, the conservative and pro-corporate legal movements have been the beneficiary of massive investments, giving them the resources to shape and define the landscape in which we are now operating,’ said Coleman. ‘The progressive legal movement, in our attempt to build a legal system that works for people, not corporate profits and reactionary, conservative interests, now requires a comparable level of investment.’”

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