We’re calling on the next administration to commit to filling the Executive Branch with attorneys who have a demonstrated commitment to fighting for workers, consumers, and the public good. And we’re looking for a team of law students and attorneys to help us do it.

The PPP Executive Branch Working Group will begin meeting early in October, and is expected to work through at least January 2021. Working Group meetings will be held twice weekly, with each member of the Working Group expected to attend a minimum of one meeting per week (although encouraged to attend both). The Working Group may transition to meeting less frequently beginning in mid November.

Members of the Working Group will be responsible for working with PPP staff and Board of Directors to identify qualified attorneys for myriad roles within the Executive Branch, advocating for the selection of those attorneys, developing public-facing materials about the importance of seemingly obscure roles within the Executive Branch, and more. Working Group members may also work with progressive partner organizations to advance shared goals related to Executive Branch hiring and appointments.

If you are interested in joining the Executive Branch Working Group, please complete this interest form no later than October 8, 2020. If you have questions about the work or the anticipated commitment, please contact Molly Coleman at molly@peoplesparity.org.