Sam Reisman wrote for Law360:

Representatives from the Harvard Law student group leading the charge, the Pipeline Parity Project, say they know the institutional problems they are hoping to address run deeper than the language in firms’ employment contracts. But as the newest entrants into the profession and highly desirable job applicants, they believe they wield an unusual amount of power and aren’t hesitant to use it.

“I think we understand that obviously eliminating forced arbitration is not going to eliminate sexism and misogyny and sexual harassment as a whole,” said Vail Kohnert-Yount, a second-year law student at Harvard and one of the founding organizers of the Pipeline Parity Project.

“But I think it does open up an important avenue for holding people accountable, or at the very least it removes a barrier,” she said. “I totally agree that it’s woefully insufficient to address these issues, but one thing we’ve seen with a lot of work is a lot of people have reached out to us to share their stories.”

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