Lawyers around the country know that this is our moment to push for better: for a judiciary that works for working people, for laws that push back against corporate domination, and for a legal profession that serves justice, not the interests of the powerful. For over a year, PPP has brought together law students from around the country who share this vision. Now, we want to hear from lawyers who share this commitment to unf*cking the law and who are interested in starting a Lawyers’ Chapter of the People’s Parity Project in their community.

As we grow this aspect of PPP’s work, we’re looking for a few outstanding progressive attorneys who can help us build our model for organizing lawyers. If you’re a self-starter willing to roll up your sleeves to build a better legal profession, grounded in your community, and excited to connect with like-minded legal organizers, this means you! We’ll be setting up preliminary conversations with everybody interested in getting a lawyers’ chapter off the ground in their community, with a goal of finding the best possible locations and teams to pilot the model.