November 13, 2023

People’s Parity Project Statement on the Supreme Court’s Formal Code of Conduct

Washington DC—Today, it was announced that the Supreme Court adopted a formal code of conduct. In response to this news, People’s Parity Project Policy & Program Director Tristin Brown released the following statement:

“The Supreme Court’s ‘formal code of conduct’  is nothing more than a symbolic gesture aimed at quieting the ever-growing concerns surrounding the unethical behavior of sitting justices. Throughout its code, the Court almost exclusively relies on ‘should’ and ‘may’ — mere suggestions of how justices should conduct themselves. There is no enforcement mechanism that would make this code meaningful or hold any of the justices who have already violated its provisions accountable. In short, it is a woefully inadequate response to the present crisis of ethics at the Court.

“Fortunately, this shows that even the Court knows its reputation for transparency and accountability has plummeted and that action is needed. It is imperative that Congress act quickly to do what the Court has not: enact real and enforceable ethics regulations to finally stop this Court from engaging in unethical behavior with impunity.”


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