PPP’s own Molly Coleman wrote for the Minnesota Reformer:

After a whirlwind few months, the Minnesota Legislature has completed its most productive session in decades. Amidst a plethora of significant victories for everyday people, the comprehensive new labor legislation stands out as a major step forward for working people.

Among other things, the massive labor law ensures paid sick leave for workers, moves workers in the nursing home industry one big step closer to sectoral bargaining, and provides construction workers with greater protections from wage theft.

It also bans noncompetes — provisions found buried in the fine print of employment contracts that prevent workers from seeking new employment opportunities when they have reason to leave their current workplace. This ban is a critical first step to ensuring that workers are empowered to exercise their power in the workplace.

However, the law is not enough. Corporate employers and their lawyers have long made clear that legislation alone won’t stop them from attempting to force workers to stay in jobs they no longer want. The Minnesota Bar Association and the Legislature can take some concrete steps to make sure the ban on noncompetes is given its full and meaningful effect.

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