Lydia Wheeler writes for Bloomberg Law that, “the nation’s first Latina on the US Supreme Court has faced little public pressure from progressives to retire ahead of the November election in which Republicans could regain control of the White House, Senate—or both.”

“The topic isn’t one many progressives necessarily want to talk about publicly though it is a conversation people are having, said Molly Coleman, executive director of the People’s Parity Project, a progressive group working to improve the legal system.

“’We have seen the consequences of justices staying on the bench for too long, misreading the political winds, and certainly people are very aware of that and want to avoid a repeat of what happened with Justice Ginsburg,’ she said.

“But it’s complicated.

“‘We’ve created a situation with the Supreme Court where it’s so personal,’ Coleman said. ‘It feels like an attack on an individual justice to suggest that they might be well-positioned to retire under the current administration.’

“While there’s concern about appearing disrespectful to a trailblazing justice, Coleman said the Supreme Court has also become the ultimate policy-making body in the country.

“’We have to be able to separate the personal regard that folks in this work have for Justice Sotomayor and think about what is in the best interest of our collective future,’ she said.”

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