PPP’s own Tristin Brown, along with Chelsey Davidson of Take Back the Court, wrote in Teen Vogue that “the right-wing Boomers who dominate the Supreme Court would like young people to get off America’s lawn, please, and thank you, and they’re using their vast, unchecked power to fence off our future.”

“America is changing in a way that scares Republicans. For years, the old saw about idealistic liberals aging into clear-eyed conservatives has been a political truism. Except that it’s no longer true. According to a Financial Times analysis, millennials are the least conservative generation at the 35-year-old age marker of any generation in recorded history and, unlike previous generations, they do not seem to be growing more conservative as they age. Early data suggests that Gen Z is likely to continue this trend.

“Yet, the decisions being passed down by the Supreme Court are future-proofing the country against millennials, Gen Z, and generations to come. Last summer, the Court reshaped our country’s legal and political landscape by ripping away Americans’ right to abortion and bodily autonomy in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — a decision met with disapproval by 69% of people under 30. Despite the uproar, that was only the beginning of the Court’s crusade. From education equity to the environment, LGBTQ+ rights, and democratic participation, the conservative bloc of justices (average age, 62) is handing down decisions that restrict young Americans’ rights and freedoms — potentially for the rest of our lives.”

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