By now you’ve heard a lot about the insurrection attempt carried out at the U.S. Capitol by white supremacists on January 6.

What you may not have heard is that members of the Federalist Society—an organization that sits at the heart of the conservative legal movement—actively aided those insurrectionists. Leaders of the Federalist Society like John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark actively plotted with Trump and his allies in their quest to overturn the results of the November election. Frequent speakers like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley stoked the election fraud conspiracy theory and sought to block the certification of the election result in the Senate.

Eastman, Clark, Cruz, and Hawley have faced condemnation or worse from former Senators, corporate donors, their alma maters, and more. From the Federalist Society though? Nothing. That’s why we’re calling on all of our peers in the legal profession who are Federalist Society members—from school chapters to the national board of directors—to resign from their membership and demand the organization return their dues.

Add your name as a co-signer of the petition calling on Federalist Society members to resign and demand that their dues be returned:


Elizabeth Aaron
Mackenzie Aden
Chisolm Allenlundy
Julian Alvarez
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Lachlan Athanasiou
Bree Baccaglini
Daniel Backman
Helen Bass
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Molly Coleman
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Cameron Costello
Gabrielle Crofford
Bailey Cummings
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Wm. Tyler Dallas
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Esmé Devenney
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Sarah DeYoung
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Natalie Graves
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Avery Halfon
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Nina Henry
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Sam Howard
Susannah Howe
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Amelia Keyes
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Gabriella Larios
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Becca (Lynch) Orton
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Andrea Pascal
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Eleanor Roberts
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