On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, the Judicial Conference of the United States will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to its procedures for handling complaints of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination.

Pressure for reform began in December 2017, when a group of former law clerks came forward to confirm the open secret that Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski subjected employees to sex-based harassment and other forms of abuse for years. Although Kozinski’s harassment was widely known—and sometimes even occurred in public, in front of multiple eyewitnesses—no one intervened.

With Law Clerks for Workplace Accountability, we are calling on law students, law clerks, and advocates to join us at the hearing and show support for survivor-centric reforms. The reforms that emerge from the Judicial Conference will have an enormous impact on the lives of judicial employees as well as the institutional legitimacy of the judiciary writ large.

The hearing will take place in Washington, DC, at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, One Columbus Circle NE, on Tuesday, October 30, beginning at 9:00 AM. If you’re planning to attend to show your support, please RSVP here and join our Facebook event. Please note the requirements for entry and electronic device policy.