Thanks to an all-male majority on the Supreme Court, the majority of U.S. private sector workers no longer have the right to their day in court if they experience illegal conduct in their workplace.

This means that when workers are subjected to workplace abuse, they’re forced into secret, employer-controlled proceedings in which they’re unable to bring a class-wide complaint and unlikely to win on their own—but Congress can fix this.

In honor of International Workers Day on May 1, we teamed up with Googlers for Ending Forced Arbitration to organize phone banks nationwide to tell Congress to pass the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act. (The FAIR Act—get it?)

Please take 3 minutes to make 3 phone calls to your Representatives and Senators today!

  • Look up your representatives’ phone numbers, bill sponsorship positions, call scripts and more here.
  • Log the calls you make here so we can demonstrate our strength in numbers.
  • Share your experiences with us on Twitter by tagging @endforcedarb, @pipelineparity, and #FAIRPhoneBank.
  • Use our Senator Fact Sheets for more background information.
  • Spread the word to your friends, colleagues and family members!
  • Organize your own phone bank with the materials we’ve prepared here.