Since Donald Trump started occupying the Oval Office, we have seen all-out assaults on workers’ rights, unprecedented rigging of the courts, and total impunity for the legal architects of this administration’s atrocities. Thanks to the tireless work of the organizers and activists who believe in a better future for our country, we now have the opportunity to fight like hell to undo the damage of the past four years and make lasting progress for workers and our democracy in the next four.

For four years, lawyers in the current administration have shown the country the very worst of what this profession can do. But the legal profession does not have to be one that is fighting to maintain white supremacy, or preserve minority rule, or enshrine corporate power. As our friends at the Movement Law Lab reminded us last week, “From the Civil Rights Movement to the Movement for Black Lives, throughout history, lawyers have stood with people working to change oppressive systems.” This is our chance to be the kind of lawyers so many of us went to law school to be.

Ready to get to work? Join one of our working groups to hit in the ground running, even before the clock runs out on the Trump administration. It’s up to us to hold this administration—and the next one—accountable.

Trump Accountability Team

Every Trump Administration lawyer who helped eviscerate protections for workers and the environment or defended the border camps or the Muslim ban thinks they can launder their reputation with a cushy job in BigLaw. We’re going to prove them wrong.

Unrig the Courts Team

For the last four years, Mitch McConnell and the Federalist Society have done everything possible to build a judiciary that stands in the way of any and all progress. We know the judiciary will never save us, but if we want the chance to save ourselves, we must unrig the judiciary the Federalist Society has built.

Worker Power Team

The incoming administration has laid out a promising agenda for workers’ rights; it’s now our job to both hold them accountable for following through on campaign promises and to continue to push them to expand the boundaries of what’s possible for workers.