Amy Coney Barrett’s lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is just a piece in the Trump Administration’s puzzle to pack the courts with conservative judges to overturn our rights. In a single term, Trump has appointed hundreds of conservative and anti-survivor judges to lifetime appointments all across the country.

We teamed up with Know Your IX for our teach-in, ​Unrigging the Courts for Survivors, on Monday, October 19, to learn how courts are making it even harder for survivors to access their rights and what we can do to stop it.

If you care about the future of survivors’ rights, then we have to start organizing to unrig our courts! Learn what we can to democratize our courts with panelists:

  • Jemie Fofanah​, Know Your IX Policy and Advocacy Organizer
  • Sarah Nesbitt​, Know Your IX Courts Fellow
  • Alexandra Brodsky​, Know Your IX co-founder, former co-director, and staff attorney at Public Justice
  • Sejal Singh​, Know Your IX alum and People’s Parity Project co-founder

Survivors’ rights are on the line. We have to unrig the courts—join us!