Vault recently released the latest edition of its 25 Best Midsize Law Firms to Work For. The list purports to recognize the U.S. law firms with under 200 lawyers that have the best “quality of life…a critical factor when selecting a firm.”

Vault listed Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger at #4. But if a firm that forces its employees to sign away their right to sue if they experience illegal treatment at work is near the top, can the rest of the list even be trusted?

Vault’s rankings don’t consider whether firms require employees to sign contracts with forced arbitration clauses, which make workers waive their right to sue over illegal treatment on the job, like discrimination, harassment, or wage theft. In particular, the #MeToo movement has exposed how forced arbitration has silenced survivors of sexual misconduct and protected bad actors with long records of harassment and discrimination.

Vault’s list of Best Law Firms to Work For is supposed to be a trusted resource for lawyers seeking transparency about employers. But by ignoring forced arbitration, Vault is obfuscating the truth about what’s happening. We don’t even know how many of the other firms on Vault’s list use forced arbitration, because many employers still refuse to come clean about their policies.

If Vault wants to be a trustworthy resource, they must consider whether law firms—and any other employer—use forced arbitration to hide the truth about how they treat their employees. And to deserve to be on any list of decent employers, Greenberg Glusker and all others must drop forced arbitration.