In the face of COVID-19, the economichealth, and humanitarian case for all workers to have paid sick days is clear. The United States is one of only two advanced economies that does not guarantee all workers paid sick leave. In fact, one-quarter of all U.S. workers don’t have a single paid sick day.

Our current system is inhumane and hazardous, forcing many people to choose between coming to work and potentially infecting others, or staying home to recover and being unable to pay their bills. Now is the time for Congress and the White House, charged with protecting the health and welfare of the nation, to act to cover all workers—not just during this COVID-19 pandemic, but permanently—with a national paid sick days policy.

Until then, employers need to step up to offer their workforces paid sick leave. The People’s Parity Project teamed up with the Center for Popular Democracy and the New America Foundation to track which companies still aren’t offering paid sick days to their employees.