A California jury on Friday ordered an employer to pay $8 million in punitive damages for committing sexual battery against his former employee. The jury found that Alki David, the founder of FilmOn.TV Networks Inc. and Hologram USA, repeatedly sexually harassed and battered plaintiff Chastity Jones when she worked as a sales executive for his companies.

David was represented by—you guessed it—Venable LLP. If the plaintiff in this case had been subject to Venable’s own employment policies, she could never have brought her claims to court. Instead, the sexual harassment and battery she experienced would have been forced into secret arbitration, which is stacked against workers like her.

Even if an all-male majority on the Supreme Court ensures it remains legal, we know forced arbitration is morally wrong. Until Venable drops forced arbitration for all its employees, we’re asking you to #DumpVenable.