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Organizing to Fix What's Broken

The legal profession has failed our generation of law students and new attorneys. Harassment and discrimination remain rampant, while prestige, power, and student debt has pushed the majority of law school graduates into corporate interest work. We need to do better.


Fighting Forced Arbitration, NDAs, and More

Coercive contracts prevent workers and consumers from enforcing their rights under law. Invented by corporate lawyers, these contracts are used to silence victims of harassment, discrimination, and other illegal abuse. As law students and new attorneys, we are using our power in the legal profession and beyond to fight back.


Unrigging the Courts

If we want to change the nature of justice in this country, it’s not enough to just talk about the Supreme Court. We need to rethink what the rest of the federal bench—and our state courts—look like. It is long past time for a judiciary that reflects the diversity of the people impacted by our laws.


Rapidly Responding to the Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is illustrating just how broken our economic and legal systems are—and how urgent it is to fix them. That’s why we organized law students to help our trusted partners respond to some of the most urgent legal needs in this unprecedented moment.

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