Our democracy is under attack. President Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee have filed frivolous lawsuits in states across the country in an attempt to overturn the results of a fair election and undermine our democratic process. These lawsuits are failing and have received vehement criticism for their meritless attempts to sow discord and distrust.

Yet, attorneys from Jones Day, Porter Wright, King & Spalding, and Consovoy McCarthy are leading the charge. They are not just complicit – they are enabling despotic attempts to threaten our election integrity and the future of our nation. This is unethical, plain and simple.

Here are the facts about what they’re doing. Learn more about the ways we’re holding the Trump administration accountable.


  • Nine partners and associates expressed concern that Jones Day is “advancing arguments that lack evidence and may be helping Mr. Trump and his allies undermine the integrity of American elections.”
  • Jones Day and Porter Wright petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to bar Pennsylvania from counting mail-in ballots received by Nov. 6, but postmarked by Nov. 3.
  • Six Jones Day lawyers said that the main goal of this Pennsylvania litigation “seemed to be to erode public confidence in the election results.”
  • Since 2015, Jones Day has received more than $20 million from the Trump campaigns, political groups linked to Mr. Trump, and the Republican National Committee
  • It has received $4 million this year alone in fees from Mr. Trump, political groups supporting him and the Republican National Committee.
  • Jones Day partner Donald F. McGahn II served as Mr. Trump’s outside lawyer during the 2016 campaign and became White House counsel before returning to Jones Day.
  • Jones Day partner Noel Francisco was President Trump’s first solicitor general before returning to Jones Day.
  • Jones Day partner Eric Dreiband is an Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.
  • Jones Day partner John Gore was formerly acting head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division before returning to Jones Day. Now, he is leading some of the Trump campaign’s election litigation efforts.


  • Porter Wright filed suit in the Middle District of Pennsylvania alleging voting “irregularities” statewide.
  • Legal experts have declared these suits “dead on arrival.”
  • Porter Wright has made at least $727,000 in fees this year from the Trump campaign and the RNC.
  • As of Nov. 13, the firm withdrew from a federal lawsuit that it filed days earlier on behalf of President Trump.


  • King & Spalding brought a lawsuit in North Carolina representing the Trump campaign, RNC, and North Carolina Republican Party attempting to block North Carolina officials from being able to enforce new rule changes regarding mail-in ballots.
  • FBI Director Christopher Wray, a partner at King & Spalding, has pulled from his law firm to fill FBI positions.


  • Consovoy McCarthy moved to intervene in the U.S. Supreme Court case regarding Pennsylvania election integrity.
  • The firm previously defended President Trump in an attempt to stop Congress and S.D.N.Y. prosecutors from receiving his financial records.


Other firms that have worked for the Trump reelection campaign in election-related litigation include Baker Botts, Statecraft PLLC, Snell & Wilmer (which has withdrawn its case in Maricopa County), True North Law LLC, and Taylor English Duma LLP.