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We’re not going to litigate our way out of our current crisis. But throwing our hands up won’t get us anywhere either. It’s going to take deep, hard organizing work—a true movement dedicated to real justice, within and outside of our legal system. Will you join us?

About Us

The People’s Parity Project is made up of law students and attorneys organizing nationwide to end how the legal profession—and the law itself—enables injustice.

We are committed to demystifying and dismantling the coercive legal tools that allow the powerful to get away with violating workers’ rights, ripping off consumers, and shielding corporations and the courts from accountability.


Collect information about how the legal system enables injustice to educate our communities.


Identify and implement best practices to improve how we address pervasive problems.


Use our collective voice in the legal profession to make the law work for everyone, not just the powerful.

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PPP Convening: Coming Summer 2022

PPP Convening: Coming Summer 2022

In February 2020, we hosted the first-ever PPP Convening. We hoped to make it an annual event...but COVID got in the way. Now, as we prepare for what we hope will be a return to in-person events, we want to hear from you. Are you a law student or lawyer interested in...

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Every time a person gets a job, decides to ask for fair wages or better working conditions, buys something, pays rent, or gets sick and seeks healthcare, those economic interactions are shaped by the decisions of federal judges. More from @AFJustice: http://bit.ly/EJJudges

Join @PeoplesParity tonight and learn about different paths you can take to become a public interest lawyer. Register here: https://peoplesparity.org/event/no-ci-pathways-to-public-interest-law-careers/

Kansas is a story of judicial leadership, backlash, and reaffirmed rights. State constitutional development is messy and difficult but also holds tremendous promise. https://www.politico.com/amp/news/magazine/2022/06/28/supreme-court-rights-00042928

Feeling the pressure to do on-campus interviews with corporate law firms? Join us this Wednesday to hear from four people who did their legal careers differently! Register: https://peoplesparity.org/event/no-ci-pathways-to-public-interest-law-careers/

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