Our Legal System is Rigged, &

Working People Pay the Price

Conservative and corporate interests have spent decades building a legal system that works for the wealthy and the powerful, not the people. It’s going to take deep, hard organizing work—a true movement dedicated to real justice, within and outside of our legal system—in order to build a better future. Will you join us?

About Us

People’s Parity Project is a movement of attorneys and law students organizing for a democratized legal system which values people over profits, builds the power of working people, and opposes subordination of anyform.

Together, we are dismantling a profession that upholds corporate power and building a legal system that is a force for justice and equity.

Our work focuses on building power for working people in the civil legal system through organizing, policy innovation, political education, and solidarity.


Bringing together lawyers and law students from around the country to unrig the law.


Doing the organizing and strategic short- and long-term advocacy needed to build a legal system that works for the people.


Building the power of the people at all levels of our democracy.

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PPP Northeast Regional Convening

Save the date for our first regional convening on 4/12/24-4/13/24 in New York City! We'll gather to build community, learn from incredible speakers, and plan campaigns to continue unf*cking the […]

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12 Apr

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PPP in the News: The Courts Will Never Save Us

PPP in the News: The Courts Will Never Save Us

Troy Brown writes for The [F]law that, "the Court [is] a shaky foundation on which to try to build a more just society." "But as progressives contemplate the future of the judiciary, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the left’s strategy has to go far beyond...

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