Today, October 14, progressive organizations at Texas Law and organizations across the country are taking part our a national and unified day of action to #UnrigTheCourts.

The courts, especially the Supreme Court, are on everyone’s mind. And while the Supreme Court nomination is important, it is just as important to call attention to the entire federal bench, from the District Courts, all the way to the top.

Do we even know who is in our judiciary? Here are the painful, yet telling, stats:

  • Only 12 of 297 active Circuit Court judges are women of color.
  • 60% of active Circuit Court judges were partners at corporate law firms.
  • 25% of active Circuit Court judges went to Harvard or Yale.
  • Only 1% of Circuit Court judges spent the majority of their career in legal aid or public defense.

It is long past time for this country to have a federal judiciary that reflects the diversity of the people impacted by it. To learn more about what it means to unrig the courts and take back our power, watch this video from University of Texas law students.

Want more? Learn about PPP’s campaign to unrig the courts, and join our day of action.